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Sofia W. Toi

Born in Barcelona, Spain.

Based in Lagos, Portugal.

Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. 

My name is Sofia and I am an illustrator and graphic designer.  

My artwork is fun, colourful and varied, but has a similar style throughout the different techniques. I love to mix digital with analogue and I have experience with a variety of printing techniques.


I have worked with clients like LMSUK, The Luces Phenomena, Mouthing Off Magazine and Warmer People- for music posters, logos, branding, album covers, social media content, editorial illustration and more.

The the projects I've worked for require a lot of creative freedom, therefore I work in an abstract and imaginative way, but always following a narrative. 


Overall, I have a passion to create and interpret the brief and put it into an image that shows the essence of the message that needs to be given. 

Thank you for visiting my website and seeing my portfolio. Please get in touch for any collaborations! :)

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