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Magic Trip

Magic Trip is a single cover for TJLJ now known as 'The Jokes Life' - it’s screen printed with 3 layers of cyan blue, bright pink and bright yellow. 

(Scroll down for more info about the artwork)

About the Artwork:

The illustration is based on a dream that I had about the artist playing a gig in a surreal looking place with a building, some empty pools filled with cacti and a massive carpet in the middle. The building was 3 stories high and the gig was taking place on the rooftop. As I tried to go and watch TJLJ play the gig, I found myself going around this building in loops which was never ending instead. 


When the musician briefed me to make a single cover for Magic Trip, I proposed using this dream as an idea for the image, because the style of song itself was psychedelic. He agreed that the sketch of the dream idea was representative of the song, so we went ahead with it. 

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