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'The Luces Phenomena' Posters

The Luces Phenomena is a music event organiser based in Brighton, UK. The DJs and artists in their events mainly play techno, 90s trance and acid house. In the posters shown in the following slides I have tried to maintain a particular style following their brand guidelines. I have mainly created these posters, Instagram posts, Facebook event banners and digital screen displays digitally, in Adobe Photoshop. 

Music is one of my main passions and so far, it has been one of the most prominent routes in my illustration & graphic design career. I really enjoy working on these kinds of projects, as it requires a lot of creative freedom, it’s abstract and imaginative, however always following a narrative. I have worked on posters for music events with clients like Warmer People for one poster and branding; The Luces Phenomena's posters since February 2023; a range of single, EP and album covers, logos, vinyl design for other clients and social media content creation for LMSUK. My work varies from digital to analogue, and I enjoy mixing them. Silkscreen, riso and lino printing are my favourite mediums, however I like always like to try other techniques depending on the brief.

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