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Dani Toi- 'heartbroken' logo & album covers

'Heartbroken' logo

I was briefed to create typography for the title of ‘Heartbroken’, a song written and recorded by Dani Toi. This included the single cover and a music video. They asked me to use a very 70’s looking typography, with the colours yellow and red. 


Although the song and video are still to be released, I believe the this typography works well with the style of the retro soul pop song that is  ‘Heartbroken’, and gives it a strong brand image. 

single cover 3 03.53.43.png
final 'heartbreak' 1.png
noizeeee hb.png
Shape 12.png
single cover 4 03.53.43.png
single cover 5.png

Dani Toi single/ EP / album covers

*Following Dani Toi’s ‘Heartbroken’, I have been commissioned to design his covers, some, which are showcased in music platforms like Spotify. 

His covers are mainly based on image and typography combined. I have attempted to have some consistency in the style throughout the covers. The first album cover I designed '20 Years', followed by 'Bad Things', 'Hypnotised' and recently designed 'Lying by Your Side'.  

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