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Wunderkammer Spread 2020

Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 13.47.36.jpg

My response to Wunderkammer ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ was to create packaging for a coffee owned and produced by S. Tomé locals. It mainly focuses on the fauna and flora taking curiosity in trying this coffee and has a comical approach when the animals displayed in these illustrations appear to be high in caffeine. 

The process leading to the outcome took place in different stages. To help me decide between coffee or chocolate, branding or packaging I created two visual mind maps. After choosing the coffee idea I began to bring more depth to the subject by researching cultural, social, and geographical aspects of S. Tomé & Principe (location where the coffee is produced), as well as the different stages of production of the coffee grains. The second stage of research was inspiration, where I looked at other artist’s work that seemed relevant to my topic. Although looking at other’s work is something I have done in past projects, it is something I have decided I want to avoid, because I end up forgetting who I am as an artist. Following this I started to develop thumbnails, then a rough for approval. Which lead me to create a final rough that I used to make the artwork. I refined it in photoshop, ready to use for the Wunderkammer 2020 magazine. I also created 3 other artworks because I wasn’t certain of the first one. 

I used this illustration for a coffee packaging mock-up, a billboard, coffee mugs. The visuals I created for this packaging were made to have flexibility to be contextualised in different places. Overall, satisfied with the outcome from a project in my final year of University. 


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