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Warmer People-Poster and branding. 

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 16.04_edited.jpg

Warmer People are a group that organise electronic music events in London, mainly, and across the UK. They briefed me to make a poster that was targeted to an audience with a larger variety of ages and the dj’s/artists genres throughout the event were house and techno. 


Through this poster, I also made a logo which has become a very important element of Warmer People’s visual engagement and recognition to the public. 


They  asked me to make it seem like the poster takes us through a journey in the musicians line up - it starts with a slower pace and moves to faster pace. 

insta feed vu warmer ppl 2.jpg
My process usually starts by analysing the brief, then dissecting it and generating ideas through mind maps or a ‘morphological matrix’. When I start to work on the final rough, I like to make sure that the idea we’ve chosen fits in with the brief and I like to make sure clients are happy to go ahead with making the final artwork. 

What is the logo now, was initially supposed to look like a moon on the poster, became a symbol of the Warmer People’s brand identity. It has helped them promote themselves, engage with a particular audience and spread the word in London and across other parts of the UK. 
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